1. Transgender people are individuals who identify with a gender that does not match their assigned sex at birth. This can be a difficult and complex process, as the transgender person must confront their own internal sense of identity in order to challenge the societal assumptions about what is appropriate for them.

2. The transgender community faces significant challenges in the workplace, including discrimination and exclusion from many sectors of society. Transgender workers may face particular challenges in finding employment, accessing benefits, and earning a living wage.

3. There has been some progress made towards better recognition and treatment of transgender workers over recent years, but much remains to be done. In order to advance as a transgender worker, it is important to have access to information and resources, including training on anti-discrimination laws and workplace safety protocols.

4. There is growing support for transgender rights among employers and governments around the world, with many recognising that prohibiting transgender employees from working constitutes unlawful discrimination based on sex stereotypes. Increasingly, employers are adopting inclusive policies that allow all employees to feel comfortable working within their respective cultures and boundaries without fear of reprisal or judgement from colleagues or superiors.

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