Men & women belonging to the transgender community are highly marginalized when it comes to getting access to proper healthcare, housing, and even employment. At the same time, most of them also have to endure a higher level of violence and discrimination in all phases of life. This is the reason why most transgender individuals end up joining the escort industry to serve as a means of living. Moreover, in the modern era, there has been a rapid rise in the number of clients seeking the company of beautiful Transescorts for a completely different experience.

There are several individuals offering services as trans or shemale escorts in the United Kingdom. While life is not an easy course for them, the escort industry has been a boon enough to help them make a living out of nothing. Today, most clients seek the company of these hot trans women who are willing to spend intimate moments with the clients. In this post, we will help you know how a TS escort feels about her work and life in general.

Life Experience of a Trans Escort

While life is tough on the forefront for most transsexuals out there, being employed in one way or the other allows them to lead a decent, respectful life. One of the best aspects of the escort industry is the way in how it tends to embrace the transgender community. There is no judgment here, and the industry offers them the space to embrace their individuality, indeed their sexuality!

In most cases, you will find that transgender escorts are male to female. As such, most male clients look forward to hiring transgender people who are females. Most of the TS girls tend to advertise themselves online. They are either independent or working through some reputed escort agency.

As far as the overall earnings are concerned, the Transescorts get paid equally –just like the standard girls. There are some clients who even tend to leave some additional tips or bonuses for extra enjoyment or services from the shemale girls. When you are hiring TS ladies for your pleasure, you will mostly come across two categories:

Pre-op Transsexual escorts

Post-op Transsexual escorts

Pre-op girls are those who still tend to have male genitals. On the other hand, post-op girls have completely embraced womanhood by getting the male genitals removed totally.

Given their unique traits, most men are drawn to the fact of spending some quality time with shemale escorts. Therefore, most of them search for the same on the leading TS escort directories or escort agencies.

From the real-life experience of trans escorts in London, it can be concluded that they are quite content with the given concept of working in the modern escort industry. From the life of transsexuals in London, it can be concluded that the escort industry has been quite generous to them by providing a means of living and respect at the same time.

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